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An odd one maybe for a bike shop but we also support Triathletes and runners alike.

Expanding into running shoes and soon to be apparel as well, we are pleased to be able to supply products from the complete On-Running range.  A Swiss company passionate about running and quality, On-Running have produced some amazing footwear to suit your every need, from ultra-lite to ultra-tough, there is a shoe in their range for you.

I’ve recently been trialling three of their models, the CloudFlow, CloudVenture and CloudFlyer, all of which have been lovely to wear, some better suited to my feet than others.

The CloudFlows are astounding in their ability for comfort, speed and flexibility of use. I use these to commute to work, go to the gym, run on both hard and gravel surfaces and they look awesome to boot. Their light weight (though lightness is a trait of all On-Runnings offerings) make you feel like you aren’t wearing anything, with perfect cushioning and adaptability for those who are predominantly mid to forefoot strikers.

The Cloudventures offer amazing grip on both sandy and muddy ground.  Having worn these on a mountain bike and trail running navigation event (Tri-Adventure), They performed extremely well even when sunk deep into a very muddy farmers field, their heel lock system preventing them from staying buried. These are also available in waterproof models.

The CloudFlyers are excellent shoes for the runner who needs more support, is of a heavier build or heal striker. These are the models that least suited my feet/running though was still able to run 10k through London straight out of the box.

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