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Cyclescheme Benefits are a new range of added value offers that we and our partners are excited to make available to our participants and their friends and families. We have strived to produce a small number of high quality offers and services that will provide real value to our participants and support our mission of encouraging and incentivising cycling.

Free 6 week service

Free 6 week service with in-store purchases

A new bike’s gears and brakes naturally stretch during the first 6 weeks of riding, this can hinder performance. It is advised to have bikes serviced by a professional mechanic after this period to ensure that the bike is operating to its highest potential.

Each of our bikes is entitled to a free 6 week service by a professional bike mechanic at the store they purchased the bike from.

This is also a great opportunity to report back to the store on how you are getting on with the bike and pick up some tips and tricks about how to maintain it bike in the future.


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