De Rosa

De Rosa’s story starts from the present because “the book of life is always open in half and each end, in fact, is always a new beginning”: thus begins the story of the Milanese company that for over 50 years builds bikes, starts starting from today’s words of Ugo De Rosa.

“It can happen that the fifty year old reminiscing could replace the present, but what we will do is much more than what I did: I believe that even today the bike can be improved … there is still much to create the future”


De Rosa was born in this historical moment, after the war when there is a desire to create: Cinelli was born in ’48, in ’54 Colnago. Milan is energetic. The ideas fueling the dreams and the desire to work is marking time between manufacturers: Ugo began as a mechanic but his bike is “geometrically innovative” and runners want to run on De Rosa.


The carbon will be the material to evolve and with which will be more “imaginative” work: here you will see the difference between the various manufacturers because the mode of the fiber composition, the different resins, the methods of bonding will be the ground on which diversify and compete. True to the philosophy of the early, De Rosa will continue to work on steel, titanium, aluminium, carbon exploiting constructive creativity and thoroughness, the international knowledge of the Christian market, research and development of Officina De Rosa. It will be a De Rosa at double speed: able to create a middle class standard and at the same time to create top level products in which to pour the latest research and know-how. And Mr. Ugo? Supervises and encourages innovation because …

“Nothing extraordinary has been born by a formula but by imagining what does not exist and do it”

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